teleport 1.2 released  2015-03-14
teleport 1.2 has been released. It contains fixes for OS X Yosemite, and is now bundled as an app.
The sources have been released on github.

teleport 1.1.3 released  2013-10-22
This version is now compatible with OS X Mavericks. It also fixes some issues at log-in and with screen awaking.

teleport 1.1.2 released  2012-07-26
This version is now fully compatible with Mountain Lion. It also contains several minor improvements and fixes.

teleport 1.1.1 released  2011-11-07
It fixes a few issues found with version 1.1, so updating is recommended.

teleport 1.1 released!  2011-09-22
The new version of teleport is now ready. It brings Lion compatibility as well as a lot of other features. Get it now!